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No Paper faced gypsum board production line
No gypsum plaster board or fiber board, gypsum powder is a kind of building materials as cement, fiber reinforced rod materials, automated production line casting molding products produced by the drying kiln drying process and made of man-made sheet. Fiber gypsum board early are mostly made by hand, later in the developed countries to achieve a mechanized continuous production lines at present China has not yet produced. As high-end building slab, in the country is still blank new wall material, mainly for non-load bearing wall, ceiling, wall stickers and composite flooring base material, which has board level, lightweight, high strength, energy saving, environmental protection, fire protection, moisture, sound insulation, heat insulation and good workability, and then decorated with good wear resistance and good dimensional stability and other advantages of sex have been many large-scale building projects at home and abroad to use, is a more upscale interior walls and ceiling decoration materials, with extensive use of prospects. Moreover, the fiber gypsum board completely replaces the common paper panels, fire boards, water board and other similar boards, it is much better than the fire performance of gypsum board, gypsum particleboard and other materials especially suitable for tall buildings, offices, large multi- supermarkets, and places a particularly high fire safety requirements occasions. For the ceiling can be any shape; for the wall panel, generally the middle partition wall with a light steel keel, double-sided with no paper fiber gypsum board and cementitious bond keel, used self-tapping screws fastening the plate surface in the compartment Wall keel。 Strongly encourage the development of the country's new industries, it is saving energy, waste, saving soil, protecting the environment, is the upgrading of building boards similar products in the international arena is the most respected construction of new building materials.
No paper, high strength, waterproof gypsum board is my company after repeated studies produced using natural gypsum or chemical gypsum powder gypsum and other raw materials, and with a high-quality fiber and a special additional pharmaceutical production from new building materials。

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