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Paper faced gypsum board production line
The paper faced gypsum board is a lightweight decorated material with all kinds of specifications. The principal raw material of the gypsum board are calcined gypsum(natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, ardealite) and face protective paper and it also contains a certain proportion of water, starch, accelerator and foaming agent. After the process of mixing, forming, cutting, drying, size fixing, the paper faced gypsum board will be formed. It has the following advantages: lightweight, fireproof, thermal insulation, vibration-proof, simple processing, convenient operation, and the fine and beautiful decoration effect etc.
Nowadays, the paper faced gypsum board production line is the professional equipment for producing this new decorated material. The principal working process as follows: First, take certain amount of hemihydrate gypsum powder, water and other additives, through the automatic measurement device and automatic conveying system, they will be conveyed into the mixer and changed into the gypsum slurry which will be scattered on continuous moving faced paper evenly. Second, at the same time, with the continuous moving and vibrating, the slurry will gradually diffuse and even scattered. Then the slurry will go into the forming machine and compound with the top and bottom faced paper. By the process of extruding and forming, the slurry will be encased by the faced paper and the continuous pulpous gypsum boards are formed. Third, in the forming line, the wet solid paper faced gypsum board will be gradually formed after the process of recondition, natural coagulating, automatic cutting, etc. The wet board will be arranged according to the programmed control system. With the rollers help, belt conveyer and overturner, they will quickly enter into the dryer. Fourth, the board will be strictly controlled in the separate temperature zone of the dryer. After blowing into different thermal hot air, the moisture of the wet board will be evaporated. Because of the reaction of the starch, the board will be attached to the faced paper, and then the dry gypsum board will form and exit from the dryer. Moreover, after passing though overtuner and the folding device (the front side is inside) for the second time, the board will be cut into certain specification by saw. Finally, the finished gypsum board will be conveyed to the automatic sealing device and the stacker. After the stacking, the board will be transported to the finished products warehouse by the forklift.
The Running Speed of the Forming Line
According to the annual capacity and the setting time of the gypsum slurry, we can decide the linear speed for the wet gypsum board on the forming conveying belt. The annual capacity can be decided by the customer and the thickness of the board can be freely adjusted according to the market demands.
Annual Capacity(thousand/m2)
Linear Speed(m/s)
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