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Our company, formerly known as: "Hebei Machinery Plant", built in the seventies the twentieth century. At that time the main products are: 130 Auto Transmission, 130 Rear Axle, C630 lathe, B665, etc。 Shaper。 State ownership in 1998 from the original body into private enterprises. The company has 138 employees, of whom more than 11 college degree, 7 engineers, 6 technicians, technicians and project leaders and 12. Technical staff account for 20% of the total number of workers. In 2003, the site moved from the new site now.
I companies adhering to the original state-owned enterprises strong technical, scientific research strength, strict work style, combined with reform and opening up advanced management concepts. And Beijing, Tianjin, four universities, research institutions have established long-term cooperation mechanism. We have done a lot of market research, based on by experts, professors argued, established in the main direction and development of long-term company strategy of "revitalizing science and technology enterprise" as the company guidelines. Main attack targeted a national policy support, in line with national industrial policy, has broad market prospects of new wall materials, equipment, namely: gypsum powder production line, gypsum board production line and no gypsum board production line. Our company is following the "New Building Materials Industry Hangzhou, China Design and Research Institute", the second production of "automated gypsum board production line" of the enterprise.
10 years, I produced the "gypsum board production line", a large share in the domestic market, and the first to enter the international market, in the international market with good reputation. Such as: Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand。 Our business strategy is "quality and service。" Gypsum industry colleagues willing to make friends, create success。
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